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Fault during the car building stage forming


When the car is in the stage of parts building, the workpiece could be faulty and show dings and scales. We are specialised in straightening and repairing raw rolled sections with corrugation problems, protrusions, dings, scales and other defects. This kind of deformations and faults are to be eliminated during the production of the car metal sheet. Scales and dings are eliminated thanks to a special type of sanding which is needed due to the difficulty in detecting dings or the formed piece. Car manufacturers find this kind of problems mainly in the first stage of production. In this case we operate when the production process of the new car model has stili to be perfected. Every time a new car is produced some defects appear at the beginning and must be eliminated during production. When entering the production line, the designed car has always defects due to die forming, i.e. flashes on the sheet edge, which must be removed before the production process passes to the next stages.



Thanks to the long experience gained in this sector we have studied new innovative techniques allowing to eliminate faults which can arise during the car production process.. Our technicians can also carry out sheet metal works using our technology in order to straighten door plates, body sides, etc. If the rolled section is subjected to a CATAPHORESIS process, our technicians will lift and eliminate the existing dings or corrugation problems without damaging the CATAPHORESIS itself. This is done on the car’s production site¬† without slowing down the production process of the cars. In this picture damage has been purposely and more seriously caused so as to give a more real idea of machining. The second picture shows the machining final result. The bodywork will consist in applying a primer coat and then painting the piece, which avoids a double coat of primer or surfacing. In case of corrugation problems, slags, blisters, etc … on raw rolled sections, it is possible to understand the perfection degree that can be obtained. This is possible thanks to many studies, lots of time spent in finding out the right solution and therefore acquired experience. Repair of raw rolled sections.